Traffic light coalition: Taxpayers’ Association complains about spending – 168 new top officials

traffic light coalition
Taxpayers’ Association bemoans spending – 168 new top officials

The Ministry of Construction was spun off from the Ministry of the Interior. According to the taxpayers’ association, this caused particularly high costs. photo

© Jörg Carstensen/dpa

The federal government is targeting traffic light personnel policy. The new “top officials” alone would burden the budget with 50 million euros annually. And the spin-off of the Ministry of Construction is also being criticized.

The taxpayers’ association has accused the federal government of costly personnel policies. The organization announced on Monday that the number of jobs in the ministries had risen to over 30,000 for the first time this year.

The number of “top civil servants” with high salaries is particularly striking. First, the news portal “The Pioneer” reported on the evaluation.

The taxpayers’ association warned that the number of civil servants with a salary between B3 and B11 had increased by 168 posts to a total of 2146 since the government took office. This includes positions from head of department to state secretary with a monthly salary of up to around 15,000 euros. These new jobs alone burden the budget with 50 million euros annually. “Many traffic light departments are really busy when it comes to awarding these top jobs,” the statement said.

The spin-off of the Ministry of Construction is particularly expensive for taxpayers. Together with the Interior Ministry, to which it used to belong, there are now 38 more B posts than in the previous government. The increase in jobs is also comparatively high in the Ministry of Economic Affairs, which according to the announcement grew by 30 corresponding posts. The number of state secretaries in the traffic light coalition is also at a record level, as the taxpayers’ association criticized. The survey is based on the position plan of the federal budget.


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