Traffic light coalition: dispute over ministries among the Greens – Özdemir wins – politics

The fact that Cem Özdemir becomes Minister of Agriculture and Anton Hofreiter goes away empty-handed is the result of a heated argument. It started with the Greens getting different ministries than expected – and ended with several victims.


Constanze von Bullion

Politically and now also personally, they belong in galaxies that are far apart from one another. One, Toni Hofreiter, 51-year-old Upper Bavarian and a doctorate in biology, has been the leader of the Greens in the Bundestag since 2013, a man straight out of a baroque painting and sometimes with a volcanic temperament. The other, Cem Özdemir, 55 and once a social worker from Swabia, was party leader of the Greens and has a mouth so sharp that companions sometimes take cover. Now the two have collided like asteroids. Court riders in particular were harmed – and the mood at the start of the Greens in the next federal government.

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