Traffic: First wave of travel at Easter: No chaos at airports

First wave of travel at Easter: no chaos at airports

Problem-free handling at Cologne/Bonn Airport at the start of the Easter holidays. photo

© Thomas Banneyer/dpa

The airports started the Easter holidays relaxed. There were also no longer traffic jams on the freeways.

In many places there is nothing to be seen on the streets and at the airports of the feared chaos at the beginning of the Easter holidays. According to the airport’s website, the average waiting time at the terminals at Düsseldorf Airport on Saturday was at times a maximum of 20 minutes. Check-in and security checks also ran without any problems.

A Fraport spokeswoman for Frankfurt Airport reported something similar: “Despite the higher number of passengers, operations are stable and orderly and have been smooth so far.” The airport expects more than 180,000 passengers per day. It was also quiet in Munich.

The airports in Cologne and Düsseldorf are expecting a total of around 1.4 million passengers during the holidays. The destinations of Easter holidaymakers from Düsseldorf are Turkey, Mallorca, Egypt and London. It’s similar at the neighboring airport in Cologne: the most popular travel destinations here are Spain, Turkey and Italy.

As predicted by the ADAC, it was noticeably fuller on the motorways and roads in North Rhine-Westphalia on Saturday, but there were only minor obstructions and only a few traffic jams.

Despite the tourist traffic, the railway has deliberately put some major construction work into the Easter holidays. That makes sense “because then fewer commuters and no students are on the road,” said a spokesman. Due to construction work, the important connection between Essen and Duisburg is currently completely closed until the end of the Easter holidays.


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