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November with Black Friday lures with many discounts: Various retailers have dedicated themselves to the bargain campaign and surprise with top offers. So too media market*whereby the technology specialists have been working all month as part of the Black November’s 2022″ keep promoting discounts. Now the technology dealer has initiated the finale of the campaign weeks – the “Black Friday week” with full snappers until the end of November.

These range from TVs to home appliances to popular brands such as Samsung and Apple products. Just the right thing to stock up on Christmas presents early on. We tell you the top tech bargains at Media Markt that you can dust off during “Black Friday Week”.

Media Markt is starting Black Friday Week 2022 with blatant prices: TV, Samsung Smartwatch and Siemens coffee machine

November 2022 is something to behold at Media Markt: Customers have been benefiting from great offers and promotions since the beginning of the month. New offers and deals from all categories go online almost every day – and for 30 days, because the technology experts are turning Black Friday 2022 into Black November. Since November 17th Media Markt has officially started its Black Week – the motto is: “Don’t wait until Black Friday. Start!”. We regularly feature the best deals waiting for buyers during Black Friday week. Here you can go directly to the campaign page of Media Markt*.

Straight to all Black Friday offers at Media Markt

TVs from LG and Philips for half

The TV bargains that Media Markt is offering for the start of Black Week are particularly impressive: Den LG OLED65B29LA are currently up to 57 percent cheaper (depending on size). The from Stiftung Warentest in July 2022 with good (Grade: 1.7) rated TV leaves nothing to be desired with 4K quality, Dolby Vision picture and Dolby Atmos sound. The popular Magic Remote control is also included. While the savings are already decent in the largest version (the 77-inch model costs 3489 instead of 4499 euros – 22 percent discount) and in the smallest version top (55 inches: 877 instead of 1899 euros – 53 percent discount), the medium-sized version offers the best Value for money: The LG OLED65B29LA Smart TV in 65 inches* is for 1199 instead of 2799 euros (= 57 percent discount) – and thus our tip for everyone who is looking for a Black Friday TV bargains have hoped.

Strength 50 percent cheaper is a 55-inch TV that offers an advantage over the LG: With the ambilight the Philips 55PUS8007/12 has the manufacturer’s unique TV selling point on board. The technology is intended to increase the device’s field of vision by projecting the colors shown on the screen onto the wall behind the room using light-emitting diodes. Otherwise the Furnishing of the Philips roughly comparable to the LG described above (4K UHD, Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos). 449 euros instead of 899 euros regular for the Philips 55PUS8007/12* mean a real bargain for anyone looking for a 55-inch device with the Ambilight feature.

Samsung Galaxy Watch for 111 instead of 299 euros

The popular one is even more radically reduced Samsung Galaxy Watch 4: The smartwatch is now available for 111 euros – and therefore fabulous 62 percent cheaper (Normal price: 299 euros). The offer refers to the 44 mm variant in the colors black and silver*.

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