Top gastronomy in transition: those responsible for Tantris on the challenges – Munich

Restaurants have to contend with migrating staff and empty tables – even in top gastronomy. Matthias Hahn and Benjamin Chmura from Tantris about the fluctuation in the kitchen, four-day weeks and why they now open at noon.

The Tantris is the most important gourmet restaurant in Munich. The cuisine here has been of the highest standard since 1971, and it has been listed with two or three stars in the Michelin Guide for decades. Since the general renovation in 2021 and the reopening in October of the same year, it has been called Maison culinaire and consists of two restaurants and a bar – a gourmet restaurant with fixed menus and the Tantris DNA, in which classics of Tantris cuisine from 50 years are reinterpreted.

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