Top Chef – “They have planned a defibrillator for chef Etchebest?”, “Marie is making us a remake of Crime on the Orient Express, she is going to kill us Philippe”, “He is on the verge of coming to the kitchen and gagging her “: Philippe Etchebest panicked, Internet users make fun of his reaction

The competition is coming to an end soon. This Wednesday, May 29, a new issue of season 15 of “Top Chef” was broadcast on M6. This twelfth episode took viewers on a journey. Indeed, they were propelled aboard the legendary prestige train, the Venice-Simplon Orient-Express. The four candidates still in the race competed to qualify for the “quarter-finals” of this culinary show. And one thing is certain, that this challenge was not without difficulty. If this famous train is known for its beauty and its history, you should know that cooking on board is not an easy task, as the kitchen is so narrow. And that’s not the worst… A train moves and the candidates have experienced their share of adventures.

In addition to having to cook in these particular and confusing conditions for these four candidates, they also had to seduce the taste buds of Jean Imbert, the winner of season 3 of “Top Chef”, who was appointed Chief of the Simplon-Venice-Orient-Express, A Belmond Train. This ex-candidate, who left his mark, made one of his dreams come true. He had won that cooking competition on that iconic train and he had promised himself that one day he would cook inside it again. A decade later, he was able to check that box off his “dreamlist.” In any case, his return to the M6 ​​program delighted users of X, the former Twitter.

VIDEO – (Re)discover the key moments in the life of Stéphane Rotenberg:

To begin the test, the apprentice cooks had to sublimate the lobster salad. Jean Imbert therefore tasted the four starters in front of Stéphane Rotenberg and shared with him his feelings about these dishes. If viewers seemed to be salivating in front of their screens, they were not the only ones. Yes, the presenter of “Top Chef” spent the evening watching Jean Imbert taste all these plates and he looked like he was “dying of hunger”. A situation which greatly amused the Web.

However, it was a completely different sequence that caused a stir on X. While Valentin was qualified after making an original lobster salad, the three candidates had to prepare a beef Wellington as a main course. Quite a challenge for Marie, who had never concocted this recipe. The young woman then took her time while focusing on the originality of her recipe. By discovering the preparation of his “student” remotely, Philippe Etchebest was boiling. “Hurry up, Marie, stop talking,” he was cursing in one of the rooms of the Venice-Simplon Orient-Express. He seemed to be angry with Marie and only wanted to take over in the kitchen. While witnessing this scene, Internet users were hilarious and made some references to the show “Nightmare in the Kitchen”.

In the end, Philippe Etchebest got angry for nothing… Yes, even if the beef Wellington was not sufficiently cooked, Marie’s touch of audacity won over Jean Imbert’s taste buds. And his dish was selected. The young candidate therefore continues the “Top Chef” adventure. Moreover, this turnaround shocked the Web, but especially Philippe Etchebest. However, some still pointed the finger at the leader’s “hardness”.

VIDEO – (Re)discover the key moments in the life of Philippe Etchebest:

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