Top chef – “He pushes the limits of discomfort”, “How can you get that out with ease?”, “Pitié change your mind”, ‘He lost his temper’, “I won’t even touch the dish”: dessert d’Arnaud disgusts brigade leaders and Internet users

After the “restaurant war” last week, during which the behavior of certain apprentice cooks embarrassed Internet users, Top chef was back this Wednesday, May 1, 2024 on M6. Eight candidates were still in the running for the title of Top Chef 2024. But not all were in the same boat. In fact, the group was divided in two. The first half, made up of Bryan, Marie, Jorick and Valentin, took part in a creative test designed by Clare Smyth, 3-star British chef. Everyone had to offer training in the form of flowertaking inspiration from one of the cook’s famous dishes, a larger-than-life English rose made from simple turnips.

Valentin was inspired by the pissaladière to offer a lotus flower with petals made up of stuffed onions. If the visual did not live up to the idea, the taste was there… To the point that Clare Smyth attributed a “favorite” to this dish which gave her a great emotion. For her part, Marie was particularly enthusiastic about the theme of the test and for good reason. The young flower lover made a direct connection to her recent wedding, during which she wore a dress decorated with daisies and received the gift of a dinner at Clare Smyth in London. A wink from destiny? In any case, that’s what she liked to believe… Rightly so, since her visual of daisies completely seduced the guest chef who automatically qualified her for the next test.

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Bold, Bryan proposed a contrarian idea: to make an “ugly flower”, and more specifically a thistle, with a fried artichoke heart. “There are not only roses in life. I like to see beauty beyond appearance, in other criteria…”, he explained in particular. An idea considered very interesting by Clare Smyth, who found the dish “comforting” and qualified the candidate… As for Jorick, he moved all the brigade leaders by representing the hydrangeas from his grandmothers’ garden, with radishes as petals. The candidate had added pressure, as Clare Smyth is one of his former bosses, a woman he “respects enormously”. Unfortunately, the Briton didn’t have nothing but praise to give her. In particular, she judged her dish “too powerful”, sending the candidate into an eliminatory face-to-face match.

The time had come for the second group composed of Arnaud, Clotaire, Pavel and Quentin to enter the arena. Their habits were turned upside down during a unique test called “the green box”: in fact, contrary to usual, the candidates did not have access to the famous Top Chef pantry. To make their dishes, they were only allowed to use the leftovers from the first test. An anti-waste challenge which was launched to them by Simone Zanoni, chef of Georges V. Oyster mushrooms presented in the form of steak, roasted or in tartlets… etc., the candidates remained rather sober. All except Arnaud, the young Belgian candidate, who broke records in terms of originality. He actually proposed a dish entitled “oyster mushroom pee in snow”, visually representing the pee stuck under the snow.

An idea, without any connection with the imposed ingredients or with the theme of eco-responsibility, which left the brigade leaders very perplexed. “We say oyster mushroom to him, he tells us pee in the snow!”, “he thought of provocation”, they particularly regretted. During the tasting, chef Simone Zanoni also did not hide his astonishment, admitting to having difficulty understanding the candidate’s “delusion”. The Italian chef even pointed out that the chocolate incorporated into the dessert was “shaped like droppings.” Despite an interesting mushroom-chocolate combination, Simone sent Arnaud to an elimination round against Jorick. A decision which did not surprise Internet users, many of whom said they were outraged or even disgusted by Arnaud’s idea on X.

Without much surprise, Arnaud left the competition, at the end of a final event won hands down by his competitor Jorick.

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