Top Chef – Danny’s laugh ruins the finale for netizens

For the finale of season 14 of “Top Chef”, the laughter of Danny, one of the two finalists, particularly annoyed Internet users. (M6 screenshot)

It’s already the final! The kick-off for the final challenge of season 14 of “Top Chef” was given this Wednesday, June 7 on M6. Hugo, from Philippe Etchebest’s brigade and Danny, from Hélène Darroze’s brigade, have the task of preparing a meal for 100 Red Cross volunteers as well as for the members of the jury, in collaboration with former participants of the season. . So, which of Danny or Hugo will win this 14th season? Helped by his comrades, Danny intends to take advantage of all the experience acquired during the show and with a smile, even if it means annoying some Internet users.

An annoying laugh. This Wednesday evening, M6 viewers are watching the outcome of season 14 of “Top Chef”, presented by Stéphane Rotenberg. This season has, as often, brought its share of surprises and novelties, in particular with atypical candidate profiles: two brothers, a former winner of “An almost perfect dinner”, a former legionnaire… this class of 2023 delighted the faithful of the culinary program of the Six! And if they were sixteen at the start of the adventure, tonight there are only two. Two finalists determined to win the competition: Hugo, from the brigade of Philippe Etchebest and Danny (who had rejoined the game thanks to his success in the hidden brigade), from the brigade of Hélène Darroze. In order to put the odds on their side, this evening, the two finalists must prepare a menu for 100 distinguished guests, in addition to the members of the jury: 100 volunteers from the Red Cross, including the association’s ambassador for over 20 years old, Adriana Karembeu. And the two remaining candidates will not be alone! Hugo and Danny can count on the active support of former candidates of this season. Thus, Hugo’s brigade consists of Mathieu, Jean, Albane and Sarika. Danny’s brigade is made up of Jérémie, Carla, Jacques and Alexandre. The two brigades will prepare two complete menus: the chef de brigade who has seduced the volunteers of the Red Cross and the members of the jury will win up to 100,000 euros, depending on the percentage of votes in his favour.

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“In the creepiest laugh contest: the big winner!”

Alongside his brigade, the (talented) cook / business manager / rapper Danny started his final, all smiles. With his very conceptual recipes and his very own style, the young cook was once again talked about during this final… but for a completely different reason: his little laugh which caught all the attention of the tweets. If some tweeters admitted to being a fan of the finalist’s laughter, others, much more severe, said they could not watch the final. And even if many reviews have already been published in previous episodes, obviously, tonight, Danny’s laughter is even more present for this finale… to the point of ruining it for Internet users!

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