Toog, the platform for booking leisure activities at the last minute

In the midst of an inflationary crisis, Toog is an app that will perhaps save the leisure of many French people. Launched in February 2022 in Agen then Périgueux, extended to Bordeaux in November, then to Toulouse and Paris last March, this platform makes it possible to book sporting or recreational activities at a lower cost, by booking at the last minute or by using the unoccupied slots, which usually results in deadweight losses for businesses.

Example: you can benefit from a cooking class at -15%, a yoga class at -40%, or a karaoke at -10%, depending on the time slot you choose. Good deals that sometimes go up to -50% for the last minute. “While you can book everything online, your hotel, your plane ticket or your taxi, there was no platform for your leisure activities, explains the founder of Toog, Benjamin Gueroui. Toog is the first platform for booking leisure activities at the last minute. The concept is moreover virtuous because we make it possible to optimize the unoccupied slots of the sites, which makes it possible to lower the prices for consumers. »

10,000 active users

The concept is free for registered leisure professionals, “and we take a commission on the price paid by the user, for whom the rate is still advantageous compared to the base price” explains Benjamin Gueroui. The Toog platform has a monthly traffic of around 100,000 visitors, including 10,000 active users. “The Bordeaux region, in which we have exceeded 65 partners, represents more than 50% of this flow. To expand nationally, the Bordeaux start-up supported by the incubator Unitec has just completed a fundraiser of 300,000 euros, “which will be used to recruit on the marketing and sales side. »

It remains to be seen how the leisure sector will evolve in the coming months, because Benjamin Gueroui recognizes it, inflation since the beginning of the year “has repercussions on this type of activity”. “Last year, there was still a certain euphoria around leisure, today it’s the first budget you cut when you’re short of money. »

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