Tomaso Trussardi: cute photo with his daughter

Tomaso Trussardi
Cute photo with his daughter

Tomaso Trussardi and Michelle Hunziker were on vacation with their two daughters over Easter despite the separation.


Tomaso Trussardi actually keeps his children out of the public eye. Now he has shared a photo with his daughter Celeste.

Tomaso Trussardi (39) shared a rare photo with his daughter Celeste (7). The black and white picture he posted on Instagram. The two look deep into each other’s eyes. His simple comment: “Cece…”.

Trussardi and his wife Michelle Hunziker (45) usually keep their two daughters out of the public eye. Back in March, for Celeste’s seventh birthday, her famous mother made an exception. She congratulated her with a sweet Cuddling photo on Instagram. Her husband was also tagged in the post.

Trussardi and Hunziker are there for their daughters together

The couple split in January. In the statement that the two of the Italian news agency “Ansa” sent, it said, among other things: “With love and friendship we continue to take care of the growth of our wonderful girls.” The parents of Celeste and Sole (8) have shown regularly how serious they are about it.

The Swiss presenter and the Italian fashion heritage announced their engagement in 2013, and the wedding was celebrated in 2014. Hunziker’s eldest daughter Aurora Ramazzotti (25) comes from her first marriage (officially 1998-2009) to singer Eros Ramazzotti (58).


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