To the Triell on ZDF: The Maybritt Illner Spezial – Kultur

Exchange of blows, decision-making debates and similar excitement terms: If a triell already has no action, you have to at least announce it out loud.

In the spirit of Peter Handke, the thing was a talking piece on Sunday evening. “The speaking pieces are plays without pictures,” explains Handke, “insofar as they do not give a picture of the world.” This is what Handke wrote in 1966 in a comment on his speaking piece “Audience abuse” Justification, the excuse, the prophecy, the cries for help. ” There was nothing else with the thing on Sunday evening, although the category of self-incriminations was missing. In return, the prophecy category was more strongly represented, even if it sometimes sounded like a cry for help (“Federal Chancellor of Confidence”) with speaker Laschet and like an excuse (cum-ex, nothing wrong) with speaker Scholz.


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