Titanic: Researchers take spectacular pictures of shipwreck

See the video: Famous shipwreck – researchers take spectacular pictures of the Titanic – sharper than ever.

Fascinating footage of the Titanic:

Researchers have for the first time managed to capture 8K quality video footage of the world-famous wreck of the ship.

The divers of the “Ocean Gate Expeditions” dived 4000 meters with the special submarine “Titan” to the bottom of the Atlantic.

In 1912 the Titanic sank after hitting a block of ice/mountain. 1,500 people died in the accident at the time.

The newly captured footage is intended to help researchers accurately construct/document the disintegration of the Titanic.

In a press release published on August 30, 2022, the expedition team reports on the special dive:

“We see new details in this footage. For example, I had never seen the anchor manufacturer’s name “Noah Hingley & Sons Ltd.” on the port anchor. I’ve studied the wreck for decades and made multiple dives and I don’t recall ever seeing another image with this level of detail.” It’s exciting that after so many years we may have discovered a new detail that had been found on previous ones Generations of camera technology wasn’t so obvious,” explains Rory Golden, OceanGate Expeditions Titanic Experienced Diver.

The comparison of the video with the films from previous expeditions is particularly important for the researchers.

A comparison with the images from 2021 already shows slight changes in certain areas of the wreck.

The high-resolution footage begins with the crane used to deploy the huge 15-ton anchor still on the ship’s deck.

Also visible is the shackle that was originally attached to the main mast, which has now collapsed.

The images also show three round structures along the inside of the railing. These are the triple fairleads used to secure Titanic to dock in port.

The green lights are from the laser scaling system. This system allows researchers to accurately determine the size of objects.

The newly captured footage is said to help determine the rate of decay of the shipwreck.

Scientists will also help identify species observed on and around the Titanic.

Ocean Gate Expeditions organizes and operates diving expeditions to explore sunken shipwrecks, archaeological sites and rarely seen marine habitats.

The next Titanic expedition is scheduled to start in May 2023.

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