TikTok star Twenty4Tim: “Cheri, Cheri Lady” remake with Dieter Bohlen

TikTok star Twenty4Tim
“Cheri, Cheri Lady” remake with Dieter Bohlen

Twenty4Tim, together with Dieter Bohlen, brings “Cheri Cheri Lady” back to the dance floor

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“Cheri Cheri Lady” is back: TikTok star Twenty4Tim has re-recorded the modern talking song together with pop titan Dieter Bohlen.

It’s been almost forty years since Modern Talking created a synth pop catchy tune in 1985 with their super hit “Cheri Cheri Lady” that is still burned into the collective memory today. It’s no wonder that musicians of subsequent generations continue to take up this 80s classic with fascination in order to carry its euphoric vibes into the new century. After the rapper Capital Bra (29) in 2019 “Cherry Lady” brought a German-language remake of the song onto the market, the TikTok star Twenty4Tim (23) took on the super hit again – together with its creator at the time, Dieter Bohlen (70).

Singing influencer in the jungle camp 2024

Twenty4Tim, whose real name is Tim Maximilian Kampmann, became known during the Corona crisis with funny everyday parodies on his TikTok channel. In 2021 he gained a larger audience with his participation in the RTL game show “Pocher vs. Influencer”. At the beginning of this year he was a candidate for the 17th season of “I’m a Star – Get Me Out of Here!” in which he achieved third place.

With “Gönn dir” at the top of the charts

The busy influencer has also been musically active since 2022 and climbed to the top of the German single charts with his song “Gönn dir”, followed by his album “Phoenix”, which also secured number one in 2023. His latest coup is likely to be crowned with similar commercial success. His “Cheri Cheri Lady” remake, developed together with pop titan Dieter Bohlenwhich will be released today, April 12th, is sure to generate great enthusiasm among its young fan base.

“Cheri Cheri Lady, believe that I’m in love”

What die-hard Modern Talking fans of the first hour will think of the work is another matter. The new interpretation of the song blows the dust away from the 80s classic with updated beats and fresh disco sounds, but on a lyrical level it falls short of the already not particularly high lyrical level of the original. So the Germanized chorus now says: “Cheri Cheri Lady, believe that I’m in love / Feels like being high, what you do to me / Cheri Cheri Lady, one of millions / Eyes as beautiful as diamonds shine tonight “. Even borderline rhymes like “Lights out, as sweet as chocolate soufflé / You’re royal, a princess on the Champs-Élysées” in the verses don’t make things much more digestible.

His approximately 5 million followers on TikTok will definitely like the remake anyway. Everyone else is left with the original with Dieter Bohlen’s distinctive falsetto voice and the memory of the good old modern talking days.


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