Three years in prison required against a pedophile of the Net “unable to recognize himself as a pedophile”

Three years in prison were required, Monday in Lyon, against a fifty-something man tried for having had virtual relations, on the Internet, with minors. They were seven teenagers, aged 12 to 15 whom they contacted via sites or applications and whom they asked to strip and masturbate in front of their camera. These virtual relationships took place over a total period of fourteen years, according to the prosecution.

The defendant, Laurent Moussière, 57, is a former operator at Samu de Lyon and a volunteer at the Red Cross. He is also indicted in a criminal investigation still in progress, relating to nearly 50 alleged rapes and sexual assaults, also on minors.

“He is unable to recognize himself as a pedophile, unable to understand that he had children in front of him”, worried the public prosecutor, Céline Cuny.

A “closed path of guilt”

“As long as the pedophile does not recognize the humanity of his victim, the path to guilt will be closed”, regretted Jean Sanier, lawyer for a man who was 12 years old when the defendant convinced him to commit himself. show off, in exchange for a helmet and a firefighter’s uniform.

The defense pleaded the prescription of the facts to request the nullity of the procedure. “The will to corrupt minors is by no means established”, added his lawyer Clément Stievet, considering that “some minors had taken the initiative”.

The defendant, arrested in Dordogne, has already been imprisoned since June 2021 as part of an investigation for nearly 50 acts of assault or rape on minors over a period of thirty years, from 1986 to 2016. He is suspected of having attracted minors to his home, playing on his reassuring image as a Red Cross first aider.

It was in the context of this judicial investigation that the Lyon judge had discovered that the defendant was keeping a notebook with a large number of names and contact details of corrupt victims on the Net. Judgment is due April 3.

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