This is how the second “White Giant” was blown up in Duisburg – Ruhrgebiet – Nachrichten

According to Bernd Zaum, the managing director of the company P&Z, which is responsible for the demolition, the high-rise fell as planned.

Blast delayed due to people in neighboring building

The skyscraper was It weighs 50,000 tons, is 63 meters high and 90 meters long. More than 1,700 residents were affected by the evacuation and had to leave their homes and apartments. These security measures have now been lifted.

Because people had been discovered in a neighboring building shortly before the blast, the blast, which was originally planned for 12 noon, had to be postponed for ten minutes.

First “White Giant” blown up in 2019

There were extensive barriers and a poor view of the “White Giant” anyway, which is why the city of Duisburg advised against traveling to the site in advance of the demolition. The surrounding houses have been evacuated since early morning.

On March 24, 2019, the first “White Giant” of the Hochheide residential park, as the settlement is officially called, was blown up. This too had to be evacuated beforehand due to safety deficiencies. In two years the next “white giant” is to be blown up. Preparations should begin soon.

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