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In their 90th case, Franz Leitmayr and Ivo Batic are invited to the assistant Kalli Hammermann, who welcomes them in disguise and invites the inspectors to a crime dinner, a kind of role-playing game. What modern man likes to torment himself and his friends with on a celebratory occasion. Leitmayr and Batic (Udo Wachtveitl and Miroslav Nemec) reluctantly join in, then spend the rest of the evening at the Earl of Cumberledge’s seat, where a body is found on Christmas Eve 1922. Leitmayr acts as Detective Chief Inspector Francis Lightmyer, Batic as Detective Constable Ivor Partridge, both of them have an old English mustache that suits them very well. How ever, that great costuming: feels like that House on Eaton Placehow Downton Abbeyhow Agatha Christie of course too. There are thick oriental carpets that still don’t swallow all the disturbing noises, there are people and tomcats named Arthur, Heather, Chester. And it could have been anyone.

The Christmas “crime scene” is always something between Hohoho and Hahaha – and there have been worse

A second holiday whodunit, why not? Of the crime scene has survived worse Christmas episodes, laughing stocks from Saarbrücken and most recently the derailed episode with Maria Furtwängler and the Lindenberg doubles in the Hotel Atlantic, where you could no longer see “the forest for all the udos”. the christmascrime scene as one who wants to be original and traditional, very thoroughly explores the tension between hohoho and hahaha.

This time it’s solid, director Jobst Oetzmann and author Robert Löhr offer a family film with “Mord unter Misteln”, the protagonists themselves are amazed by the equipment. Says Batic, so Partridge: “Here it looks like Rosamunde Pilcher.” The play falls out of the thriller category because a thriller somehow has to be exciting, “Mord unter Misteln” is not. But comfortable. You’re welcome to make yourself some tea. And sees that in the end Lightmyer and Partridge are Leitmayr and Batic again, two curly-haired old boys. But if you want to experience this, you have to persevere for a long time.

The first, December 26, 8:15 p.m.

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