They commit car-jacking, cross a police roadblock before going to smash two cars

They sowed chaos behind them. In the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, in the neighborhood Sea Bream Cross, in Toulouse, a driver is attacked by two men as he prepares to get into his car. Under the threat of a knife, his two attackers stole the keys to his vehicle before fleeing in the direction of the city center, hitting a car parked right next to it.

Police officers from the anti-crime squad on patrol spot them and try to stop them in their infernal race by throwing a harrow under the wheels of the stolen vehicle. The wheels burst, but they continue on their way. Before hitting two vehicles parked in their path again.

The two 19- and 18-year-old fugitives eventually stopped the car and attempted to flee on foot. Before being caught by the police who arrested them. The driver did not have a license, as for his passenger, he was heavily alcoholic.

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