Theodort, Instagram, music and the red carpet

Invited by Instagram, during the Cannes Film Festival, Theodort is much more than a content creator. With his videos on social networks, he quickly got noticed and was given a role in the film. Wise man, released last March. It is also a rap parody posted on Instagram that allows him to land this first role on the big screen. An experience that has given the creator the confidence to come to Cannes and climb the steps, for the first time. “I can’t say that I feel illegitimate to be in this kind of event because I’ve been working so hard for ten years, and I’ve sacrificed a lot to get to where I am. ‘am in it,’ Theordort confided to 20 minutes.

1.3 million followers on Instagram

The number is clearly scary. And yet, it did not give or provoke in Theodort a breath of pretension. Humble, comfortable in his skin, hardworking, he understood how it worked instagram – and Youtube, to make it his creative space. An obvious gateway, according to him, to cinema and music. “It gave me a form of confidence to be seen equally, by other actors, by this environment, as I was able to play in a film. It’s fun, it’s reassuring,” explains the young talent on the Albane terrace, on a rainy day in Cannes.

So even if we wonder about the presence of influencers in Cannes, which have been even more numerous for a few years, Theodort comes to prove that the border is fine to go from the telephone to the big screen. “I try to identify with creators and artists like Mister V, he broke down doors for us, and the idea is never to set limits,” the young designer tells us.

At the end of this interview, we understand very quickly that social networks are today a showcase, often free, of the capacities of each other, sometimes under the gaze of a director or casting director. The opportunity, as on Instagram, to develop your identity, gain confidence and why not, realize your cinema dreams.

A video can be found at the top of this article, on Theodort’s first stair climb.

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