“Their separation opens the doors to something else,” says Ayumi Roux.

The Mif is back! Skam France made its return on January 5 with a clip announcing a cataclysm in the emblematic couple formed since season 6 by Maya (Ayumi Roux) and Lola (Flavie Delangle). While France TV Slash is broadcasting the first full episode of this ninth season this Friday, a telephone meeting with the charismatic Ayumi Roux, the interpreter of Maya, the heroine of this new round of 10 episodes.

Don’t you have too much pressure when you become the heroine of a series that already has eight seasons?

Yes ! (laughs) After that, I think we’re so well managed that we don’t really feel this pressure. On the set, we don’t think about the final product but we are focused on what is happening at the time. Suddenly, we live things more or less normally.

France TV Slash revealed it bluntly in its press release: this season, Maya and Lola are going their separate ways… How did you react when you discovered the script?

I learned this before I read the script, at one point when it was just an idea. Maya had a pretty important place in season 6 and even in season 7 and 8. I did not expect it at all, but it was a very nice surprise because I really wanted to see another side of Maya. , to understand more things about this character who is still very closed and seems very lonely from the start, I have the impression. Suddenly, it’s pretty cool!

The public is very attached to this couple. Do you apprehend the feedback you are going to have from the public?

I’m not sure where that is in terms of feedback. I find it hard to know. I imagine this will come as a little shock. But as has been announced, the public is prepared for it. I think they’ll figure it out, because as the breakup happens very quickly, what’s important is the heartache and the mending and the rebirth behind it. All this will perhaps reassure them. Let’s say that the rupture is not an end to a problem, it is the beginning of something, which will trigger something else… The rupture opens a door.

“Skam” in any case proves once again its capacity, quite rare in France, to give a central place to LGTBQIA + characters and to offer them real strong intrigues. What feedback do you have from this community?

I’m just guessing because I’m not in direct contact with people who watch the show. In any case, when I speak with friends, the LGTBQIA + community is hyperinvisible in France, I have the impression, compared to the rest of the world. Which is pretty crazy! Especially on television, on platforms and in Web-series, it happens differently. Yes Skam France has such an important place today, it is because it is one of the few. So I understand the enthusiasm behind it because the lack of visibility is so convincing. Some characters from Skam are queers, but it’s not underlined. It has been sold a lot as a queer series, but it’s mostly a series that represents the current generation. We trivialize this queer question, and that feels good, because it’s done elsewhere in the world, whereas in France, we usually need to emphasize when a character is queer.

The theme of this season is a bit of mourning in the broad sense, right?

This season was presented to me as a season of heartache. At the beginning, I did not understand because we had made seasons which spoke of denial of pregnancy, HIV, religion, precariousness, and there, we were going to speak about heartache? At first, I was a little surprised because I did not find the need to do it, at least, not at the level of the other subjects that we had done before, which are for me extremely important. And in fact, reading the script, I realized the importance of this theme. The separation opens the doors to something else, it deals with heartaches, the past, it will wake up other wounds.

In this season, we realize that Maya has difficulty expressing her feelings and emotions, is it more difficult to interpret when you are an actress?

I’m a pro at it, so I didn’t have a lot of trouble playing this. I think I’m a bit like that in real life. I was my own example, it served me well.

Precisely, do you think that Deborah Hassoun, collection director of “Skam” is inspired by what you are as actors and actresses to flesh out the characters?

I don’t know about the other actors and actresses. I definitely think that by watching us play every season, knowing each other over the years, she knows who she’s writing for. She knows who she’s dealing with. She manages, I suppose, to put little things in us because she is inspired by what we emanate as humans and human. But from there to make a tracing of our lives, no! I have the impression that our generation in Skam has been written a lot based on what we referred to as actors and actresses. The first season with the new MIF was written after the casting, from the image we represented. So it’s an interpretation of who we are.

I have the impression that the environment, the hairstyle and the outfits of Maya transcribe the emotions which she cannot seem to express, did you speak about it with the director Shirley Monsarrat?

It was originally a desire of Shirley Monsarrat. As rehearsals and filming went on, the director realized that long, dark hair looked better with the character, her dress style became more subdued with straighter lines. It darkens.

With two women at the helm, Déborah Hassoun at the writing and Shirley Monsarrat at the direction, do you feel that “Skam France” has a new sensibility?

Maybe, probably. David Hourrègues had to respect the Norwegian format for a long time, he was not 100% free. And he did it very well. I know a lot more about the work of Shirley Monsarrat, I have been much more under her direction than that of David Hourrègues. But, the few times I got to work with him in season 6, I found him to be a great conductor! Being a woman in our current society and concerned with engagement and the whole queer community, it’s true that I always feel that we need to be told by women or people who are not cisgender and masculine. . I think a lot of people feel the same way.

Maya is always very involved in the ecology and the safeguard of the planet, one sees her in particular protesting against the “fast fashion”, is this a fight which touches you?

Yes, of course, this theme touches me. I am very committed to these issues, like my entire generation, it’s our future life that’s at stake, isn’t it?

What has “Skam” changed in your life?

I do not know. I think I would realize that later. I’m still too much into it. I don’t yet realize that I’ve been on it for three years. Every year, we come back as if it were normal, in back-to-school mode. Usually there is that stuff. In everyday life, I rarely leave my home, I am a bit of a hermit. I don’t really see the reaction of people. Suddenly, it does not change much in my life. Corn Skam allowed me to meet great people, to learn a lot of things and to be interested in topics which would not be presented to me otherwise.

Has “Skam” opened doors for you professionally? Do you have other projects ?

Certainly, even if people don’t come to see me and tell me: “You pass a casting thanks to ‘Skam'”. But that follows, that’s for sure. Soon, we’ll see me in a David Perrault series, Endless Night, a Franco-Belgian co-production which will be released on Netflix in 2022 and a film by Nicolas Giraud, The Astronaut, which should be released in late September early October.

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