The zebra loses its head: glitch in the finale of “The Masked Singer”

Accompanied by a costume breakdown, singer Ella finally won the sixth season of the ProSieben show “The Masked Singer”. The 37-year-old received the most votes from viewers in the finale of the quiz show on Saturday evening. Before the official unmasking, however, there was an accident on stage.

When moderator Matthias Opdenhövel announced the victory of the zebra, Endlich – whose true identity was actually still a secret at the time – approached him euphorically in a costume. As she hugged him, the zebra’s head tilted backwards prematurely and fell off. The back of the singer’s head was visible for a brief moment. Opdenhövel pressed the 37-year-old to himself with presence of mind and hid her face until the mask could be put on again.

The moment, which almost changed the traditional dramaturgy of the show, was taken with humor by those involved. When the zebra was officially unmasked a little later, Opdenhövel joked about “everyone who just didn’t look fast enough and is still puzzling”. Endlich himself said that’s what live television is like. Her analysis: “I came up from the ground and I noticed that it was tipping over. But I just couldn’t change it anymore.”


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