The WSJ reported that 186 other banks were found to have similar risks to Silicon Valley banks.

recent studiesEconomists say 186 banks are at risk. These banks have suffered similar problems that caused the Silicon Valley Bank collapse earlier this week as bank assets plummeted from rising interest rates.

During the Federal Reserve’s rapid interest rate hike Economists have evaluated each US bank. By assessing asset accounts and losing market value, assets such as Treasury notes and mortgage loans may decline in value. This happens when new bonds offer higher rates. And economists also analyzed the percentage of bank funding. It focuses on funds received from unsecured depositors. who have an account of more than $250,000

The economist’s findings point to a potential problem: If half of these unsecured depositors want to withdraw money quickly from any of these 186 US banks, even insured depositors are at risk. because the available assets are not enough for all depositors In such a case FDIC Intervention May Become Necessary

The economist noted: “Our calculations suggest that these banks are certainly at risk of operating. without government intervention or capital increase

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