The Weeknd is accused of plagiarism for his song “Call Out My Name”

The Weeknd is accused of plagiarism by the group Epikker for his title Call Out My Name present on My Dear Melancholy, his 2018 album. For the electro-house duo of Suniel Fox and Henry Strange, the title bears significant resemblances to their song Vibeking.

This is why they are suing the artist, but also Frank Dukes and Nicolas Jaar who collaborated on the composition as well as Universal Music Group for copyright infringement. This complaint, filed on September 17 and obtained by
Billboard, has some rather confusing elements.

Neither seen nor known

First, the plaintiffs assert that the title of The Weeknd and theirs have an identical time signature and, if they are not on the same key, present a melody with identical harmonies. So far nothing very convincing, especially since the title of Epikker, composed in 2015, has never really been released. The rest of the complaint is much more disturbing for The Weeknd and especially his team. The two musicians indeed claim to have sent their song, with other proposals, to PNDA, one of the sound engineers of Abel Tesfaye, alias The Weeknd.

The engineer would then have informed the duo that his boss had loved the song. Good news, except that the employee would have suggested to the electro duo to tell The Weeknd that his production team had composed it because “he does not know you”. To which Henry Strange reportedly retorted that The Weeknd knows them because they met on Drake’s tour.

After this astonishing exchange, the electro duo assures not to have had any more news until seeing the title appear without their names being credited. Call Out My Name has since raked in a million dollars in royalties and the two musicians now hope that justice will prove them right.

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