“The Voice Kids”: Candidate raps Eminem – the star reacts to TikTok

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“The Voice Kids” candidate performs Eminem’s song for the best – and the mega-star comments on her performance

Emma raps her way into the hearts of viewers and coaches with her cover of “Mockingbird”.

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“The Voice Kids” candidate Emma causes a stir in the third edition of the Blind Auditions: With her cover of Eminem’s song “Mockingbird” she not only convinces all four coaches, but also the Internet. Her performance went viral on TikTok – and reached the rapper himself.

What a performance: Contestant Emma inspires in the third edition of the blind auditions on “The Voice Kids” with her cover of Eminem’s song “Mockingbird”.

“Buckle up, because now The Voice Kids is finally getting rap!” Announces the 14-year-old before her performance – and doesn’t promise too much. The Viennese convinces in every respect, after only a short time all four coaches press the buzzer and want Emma on their team.

“That was the coolest performance on ‘The Voice Kids'”

“That was the absolutely coolest performance I’ve heard and seen here on ‘The Voice Kids’ so far,” enthuses coach Wincent Weiss. “I really wish I could hear that again.” Alvaro Soler is also enthusiastic and challenges the Austrian directly to a duet. Ultimately, however, Emma decides on the team “Michi and Smudo” – and thus remains true to her genre.

It only gets really exciting for the 14-year-old after the show. Not only spectators and coaches are enthusiastic about the junior rapper, a video of Emma’s performance goes viral on TikTok. The video has more than 2.6 million likes after a very short time, and the newcomer is celebrated in the comments. “That was more than just mega!” and “Better than the original. Hammer the little one,” says only two of thousands of comments.

Eminem’s first TikTok comment

A comment causes a stir after a short time: Eminem himself comments on the video. It is said to have been his first comment on the platform. His reaction to the performance of his song: A more or less clear emoji raising an eyebrow.

Comment Eminem

What Eminem wants to express with his comment is probably a matter of interpretation

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Whatever Eminem wants to say: We take our hats off to Emma: The song released in 2004, which the rapper dedicated to daughter Hailie and his adopted niece Lainie, has been back in fifth place in the top 100 of the official German single charts since Emma’s appearance . Chapeau.

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