The Voice – for the last evening of cross battles, Marc Lavoine divides Internet users

During the final cross battles of “The Voice”, the juror both seduced and exasperated internet users. (TF1 screenshot)

This Saturday April 30, Nikos Aliagas, Amel Bent, Florent Pagny, Marc Lavoine, Vianney and all the remaining talents live the second and final evening of the formidable cross battles of “The Voice”, on TF1. Each coach having already saved a talent eliminated by the public last week, all the battles tonight are played double or nothing: the talent that is not saved by the public leaves the adventure. Enough to raise the pressure on the side of the candidates. Fortunately, they were able to count on the unfailing support of a coach: Marc Lavoine. The juror did not hesitate, in full competition, to advise all the talents of the other teams! Something to delight many Internet users … and disconcert others.

This evening, the noose is tightening a little more around the talents of “The Voice“and, more than ever, Amel BentMarc Lavoine, Vianney and Florent Pagny must show strategy to organize the last cross battles of this season. Each coach decides the talent he will send on stage and then the coach who will face him. The latter must thus choose one of his talents to put in front. The two selected talents sing their song in turn and it is the public, on set, who decides who will continue the adventure next week during the super cross battles. Last week was decisive: each coach has already saved an eliminated talent. Tonight, it’s no longer possible to repeat the experience: each elimination is final! Florent Pagny perfectly sums up the atmosphere that reigns on the set of “The Voice” this evening: “For the talents who have remained, it gets a little complicated!” First coach to enter the arena today: Marc Lavoine. The jury decided to select Jérôme Cioni and challenge Vianney, after asking Florent Pagny for advice. Vianney thus selected Louise to face Jérôme Cioni. The latter interpreted a cover of “Docteur” by Claude Nougaro. For her part, Louise offered a sweet reinterpretation of “Could it be magic” by Donna Summer. The first duel was won by the young woman who represented the start of a long series of victories for Vianney tonight!

“He has his heart on his sleeve!” “Completely screwed up…”

“The Voice” puts on a show tonight: all the candidates are performing well and not deserving, despite the stress and the challenge of the evening. Ambre, from Florent Pagny’s team, for example, was able to appropriate Fabienne Thibeault’s “Le monde est stone” despite a very distressing start to the young woman’s performance. However, this was not enough to convince the public who preferred Gauthier and his cover of John Lennon’s planetary hit “Imagine”. But beyond the talents, the members of the jury were also under pressure this evening! Their coaching therefore proved to be decisive for each of the candidates during these final cross battles. And one of the coaches was talked about tonight: Marc Lavoine. The interpreter of “For a beguine with you” marked the evening with his advice, all as benevolent as each other for his team … but also for all the other candidates! During a break between two performances, the juror shared his impression and his advice on the talents of Vianney or Florent Pagny: “You are fantastic! The dimension that you take on when you are on stage…” s he is surprised by the candidates. “Marc Lavoine is the coach of all the teams this year!” is surprised Nikos Aliagas on set.

The wise advice of Marc Lavoine, his benevolence but also his attitude have both seduced and exasperated Internet users this evening. Some see Marc Lavoine as a great life coach, others speak of a great moment in cinema…

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