The urban cable car is due to open to the public on Saturday May 14

You have the bird’s eye view of the Garonne and the satisfaction of flying over the traffic jams at the same time as the hill of Pech-David. While the cabins of Teleothe Toulouse urban cable car, have already been running empty for several weeks for the famous “white run”, Tisséo announces the opening to the public of this new urban transport line in France for Saturday May 14, the inauguration taking place the day before.

This official date remains conditional since it is up to the prefect to ultimately issue the operating permit.

More than 7000 people on board every day

The cable car, 3 km long, will make it possible to serve three stations between the University Hospital of Rangueil and the Oncopole, via the Paul-Sabatier University. The total journey will last ten minutes, and the 15 cabins will run at the same times, and at the same price, as the buses. More than 7,000 daily users are expected.

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