The unexpected creation of the duo between Prichia and Mea gave a “hot shot” to the production

“We had a little heat stroke at the time. What is certain is that I will remember it for a long time. The producer of “The Voice”, Matthieu Grelier, had never experienced such a rush of adrenaline, so fast and sudden, in control during the filming of the telecrochet of TF1.

What happened that day in January, during the recording of the “battles” of the twelfth season “caught by surprise” all the teams of the show. Prichia and Mea, talents of the Zazie team clashed musically on a cover of Our best yearsthe duo of Grand Corps Malade and Kimberose.

The coach, who had great difficulty deciding between the two candidates, chose Prichia to continue the adventure. She added, “Don’t disappoint me. Ultimately, bring Mea’s soul back with you…” The lucky winner grabbed the ball: “I want to bring Mea back with me, we wanted to do a duet, we talked about it. »

“Besides the artistic complicity, it clicked between them”

“There was a moment of hesitation, recalls Matthieu Grelier for 20 minutes. Nobody in production was aware that they had mentioned this during their rehearsals. Zazie had combined these two talents because each had an additional string to her bow besides singing: Prichia excels in beatboxing and Mea in dancing. “She created this pair because it seemed interesting to her. Without knowing it, she created a human encounter, in addition to the artistic complicity it clicked between them, ”continues the producer.

Matthieu Grelier then exchanged with Nikos Aliagas via the headset: “The editing was tightened up but what viewers saw on TF1 on Saturday is faithful to the way things went,” he underlines.

“It’s a pretty story because it’s spontaneous”

In addition to the agreement of the two main concerned and Zazie, it was absolutely necessary to obtain the approval of the other coaches and participants. “Not only did they agree but, even better, they pushed for it to happen, they encouraged us to validate the creation of the duo. Everyone was super fair and generous. However, it was essential to make it clear that this would remain an exception. »

As the regulations do not provide for this scenario, it had to be amended accordingly. “I called the legal director immediately to put everything in order, it was a formality,” says Matthieu Grelier. Moreover, the French production did not have to request authorization from the Dutch rights holder.

“We’re not going to lie to each other, it’s a great sequence, it’s a moment of strong emotion”, confides the producer who will present this passage to these foreign counterparts during their annual “The Voice” meeting at the end of the spring. And to conclude: “It is not something that can be replicated. It’s a nice story because it was spontaneous. We also make these shows so that moments like this arise. »

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