The two finalists of the green primary will debate Wednesday on LCI

To convince the 122,000 registered voters to give them the keys to the green candidacy in 2022, Yannick Jadot and Sandrine Rousseau, the two finalists of the ecological primary, will debate Wednesday evening on LCI.

Presented by Ruth Elkrief, in partnership with Le Figaro and Loopsider, the only debate between the two rounds broadcast at 8:45 p.m. could be crucial in a race that promises to be close, as evidenced by the first lap.

Rare events

Yannick Jadot, MEP, head of the EELV list in the 2019 European elections, came first on Sunday with 27.7% of the 106,000 votes cast, followed by Sandrine Rousseau, economist and former spokesperson for EELV, who collected 25, 14% of the vote. This debate is all the more important given that the events organized by the two candidates are rare before the second round, which is to take place online from September 25 to 28.

Yannick Jadot, holding an ecology “of solutions” which seeks the consensus of the French, made a trip to an ecological integration site in Sevran, Tuesday, and should hold a meeting Thursday evening. Sandrine Rousseau, champion of “eco-feminism”, which assumes its “radicalism”, for her part has not planned to travel at this stage.

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