The trend that is sustained: How to combine mom jeans

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The trend that is sustaining: Why mom jeans are a fashionable favorite

Mom jeans go with many different looks and are easy to style

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Mom jeans have almost turned from a trend to a classic and a must-have in the wardrobe. Because the casual pants can be combined in many ways. We explain how.

There are classics in the closet that actually always work: denim jackets, sneakers or even basic shirts are all part of it. Meanwhile, mom jeans have also been added to many and have made it a real long-running favorite in the fashion world. Because it can be easily combined and goes with the chic as well as the casual look and is therefore ideal for the fashion trends of 2021. But how can you best combine the all-rounder?

What is a mom jeans?

As the Mom jeans was on the rise, it sounded a bit like maternity wear: pants made especially for mothers? But in principle they are nothing more than boyfriend jeans, i.e. jeans with legs that are cut a little wider and taper towards the bottom. Their hem usually ends a little above the ankle. It is also cut high at the waist. The advantage of the pants: They look good on many women. And: the mom jeans can be easily combined.

In fact, it is now one of the most popular trousers. The British online shop “Matalan” compared the popularity of individual jeans models in online inquiries from 18 countries. Mom jeans are right at the top of the popularity list in 13 of these countries. It also seems to be particularly popular in Germany: In the past twelve months, the shop has been searched for “mom jeans” over a million times, according to the study. No wonder: it can be easily combined with many other items of clothing.

1. Idea to combine: Mom jeans and shirt

A combination that always works is mom jeans and a casual t-shirt – optionally with a cool print. It doesn’t matter whether the shirt is tight or loose. It is best tucked into the pants in order to maintain the proportions and to highlight the mom jeans. A relaxed casual look is created with belts and sneakers or boots as well as leather jackets or trench coats. On colder days, the shirt can easily be replaced with a coarse sweater, on warmer days sandals or slippers also go with the outfit.

2. Idea to combine: Mom jeans and blouses

It gets a little more chic around the trend piece when Blouses join them. These can come from a more elegant material such as silk and have details such as puff sleeves, a deeper neckline or an eye-catching print. Light white shirts can also be combined with mom jeans. Sandals or mules go well with it, but also pumps – and the actually rather casual trousers are part of a chic look and give it a touch of casualness.

3. Idea to combine: white mom jeans in summer

In summer are instead of bluer white mom jeans ideal: They are not skin-tight, so they are more comfortable to wear and the white color directly ensures freshness. They can then be worn with a cropped top and sneakers or sandals. At the top, things can be colorful, for example in the trendy colors of 2021. The summer look is perfect with sunglasses and a straw bag.

The possible combinations prove why mom jeans are rightly one of the absolute fashion trends: They fit in almost every season and in many everyday situations – and are therefore practical and fashionable at the same time.

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