the top 15 for a modern garden!

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1. Bird of Paradise

Bird of Paradise
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To bring one touch at a time graphic and exotic to your exterior, you can choose to grow a strelitzia reginae, or bird of paradise, there. It owes this nickname to its flowering evoking the heads of birds.

It is a plant which, when mature, measures up to 1.50 m high and 1.25 m wide. If you live in an area with mild winters, you can grow it in the ground in well-drained soil and in a location sheltered from cold winds and getting full afternoon sun.

Important : If you live in a colder region, it will be necessary to grow it in a potas it does not tolerate temperatures below 0°C.

2. New Zealand Flax

New Zealand Flax
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Easy to maintain, this very robust plant with a graphic silhouette has broad, erect leaves. New Zealand flax belongs to the genus Phormium and comes in various varieties that differ in the colors they display: green, black, red, etc.

It is an evergreen perennial that is not very hardy. You will therefore only be able to install it in the ground if you live in an area where the temperatures do not drop. not below -8°C. Otherwise, it will be necessary to bet on a culture in pot. It needs to be placed in the sun in a well-drained soil.

3. Bamboo

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Fetish plant for the graphic composition of a garden, bamboo makes it possible to create a plant screen throughout the year. There are different varieties like the ‘Red dragon’, for example, which differs from the others by red canes verging on purple.

Attention : It is important to make sure to choose a non-tracing variety to avoid being invaded.

You can, among other things, opt for fargesia which is a non-invasive bamboo. It is also important to prune it regularly. However, its development will be a bit slower. Whether grown in the ground or in a container, bamboo requires drained and light soil, as well as exposure to shade or partial shade. It is suitable for all regionsas it withstands temperatures down to -20°C.

4. Japanese horsetail

Equisetum Japonicum
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Equisetum japonicum, or Japanese horsetail, is a rhizomatous perennial that consists only of green and black fluted rodstight against each other and perfectly vertical which bring this very graphic and contemporary rendering.

She presents theadvantage of being persistent and to very quickly create a plant curtain whether in the ground or in a container on a balcony. For its cultivation, it needs a light and fresh soil, even soggy.

Good to know : You can install it on the edge of the pond or near a water point, otherwise you will have to make sure to keep the soil permanently moist.

5. Cordyline australis

Cordyline Australis
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For a touch of exoticism, opt for this tree with a graphic port whose the trunk is formed by the scars of old leaves. At the top, its broad lanceolate leaves give it a palm-like appearance.

It is a tree that can be planted in the ground, but which will require protection in regions where the climate is colder, as it is not very hardy and does not tolerate temperatures below -8°C. Particularly resistant to spray, it will be suitable for a seaside garden.

To note : However, you must ensure that you install it sheltered from cold winds and in a sunny location where the soil is well drained and rich.

6. Fern

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To bring graphics to your garden, what better than a fern? Indeed, its evergreen or semi-evergreen foliage, which can be green or yellow depending on the season, is perfectly cut with graphic lines.

This plant needs to be installed in partial shade in moist soil. As soon as these conditions are met, the foliage takes height to form a beautiful clump ideal as a ground cover.


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This succulent plant comes in different varieties including the leaves arranged in rosettes have differences, but are all as graphic as each other. The agave will not fail to bring a touch of exoticism and modernism to your exterior.

The agave must be grown in full sun, sheltered from winds and in well-drained soilwhether in beds, in rockery, in containers, but also by the sea. It does not require maintenance, but as it is not very resistant to cold, it can only be planted in the ground in regions where the climate is mild.

8. Agapanthus

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In another genre, you can opt for the agapanthus which is a very beautiful perennial whose long stems carry, in summer, umbel-shaped flowers which come to overhang a graphic green and ribboned foliage. Its flowering comes in different colors.

As for its foliage, it is deciduous or persistent depending on the variety. You can grow it in the ground or in a potdepending on the climate of the area you live in.

9. Redwood Dogwood

Redwood Dogwood
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This fast-growing shrub is known for its unique appearance in winter. Indeed, the leaves fall and leave the bare stems entirely red, thus brightening up the winter decor.

Depending on its variety, this shrub is more or less vigorous, but accepts all types of soil, except very dry ones. This easy-going plant, which requires nothing more than pruning once a year, should be planted in a location that receives full sun or partial shade.

10. Swab Weed

Swab Grass
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Graphic and undulating, this grass takes its name from its flowers in the shape of a bottle brush erected on long stems. For its part, the long, arching foliage evokes a gushing fountain. The result is a very graphic and light effect, whether in the ground in your garden, whatever the type of soil, or in a pot on your balcony or terrace.

Important : Choose a location in full sun. It is certainly not very hardy, but will better withstand episodes of frost in dry, well-drained soil.

11. Japanese maple

Japanese Maple
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What makes this magnificent shrub special is its beautifully cut foliage that changes color with the seasons : it will be bright yellow at first, to change to green, then to golden yellow and orange to red during the autumn, to end up falling off since it is obsolete.

very rustic, it will find its place in any regionon condition of installing it in a position in partial shade and sheltered from cold winds, as well as in a drained, deep, humus soil with an acid tendency.

12. Echeveria

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With its rosette leaves, this succulent plant, of any variety, is very graphic. Beyond that, she is easy to grow. However, there are many varieties, so be sure to choose one that suits the growing conditions you have to offer. Echeveria can be grown both indoors and outdoors, in pots or in the ground in well-drained soil.

13. Elephant Ear

elephant ear
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With its large leaves reminiscent of elephant earswhich earned it its nickname, and its bright pink stems, the alocasia will stand out in your garden.

This vigorous and fairly hardy plant can be installed in pots or in the ground in a place in the shade or partial shade. It thrives in rich, humid soil in summer.

14. Spurge

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This perennial plant with graphic foliage due to its regular arrangement around the stem is available in different varieties with upright or spreading habit. It is a plant that requires little maintenance and which requires to be installed in the sun or in partial shade. Depending on the variety, some euphorbias can be adapted to shade.

Good to know : You will be able to grow this plant even in poor soil, provided it is drained.

15. Birch

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Birch has the advantage of being a tree whose size remains limited. It is appreciated for its very decorative bark and easily finds its place in a contemporary landscaping, whatever the region in which you live. It is, indeed, very rustic.

During its development, which is rapid, it can produce several trunks and constitute a small grove on its own. It thrives in any soilprovided it is not too dry, and prefers sunny or semi-shaded locations.

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