The terrible scenario of the quadruple murder, step by step

It is an extraordinary trial which begins Tuesday, for about twenty days, before the Assize Court of Loire-Atlantique. That of Hubert Caouissin, 50, former boilermaker of the arsenal of Brest, tried for having killed, in February 2017 in Orvault near Nantes, Pascal and Brigitte Troadec, as well as their two children, then having dismembered and dispersed the bodies . His companion, Lydie Troadec, 52, sister of Pascal Troadec, is also appearing for “concealment of a corpse” and “modification of the scene of a crime”. Chronology of a staggering murderous madness.

Tuesday February 7, 2017: Hubert Caouissin goes for the first time to the home of the Troadecs, in Orvault, with the idea of ​​spying on the parents, whom he suspects of having stolen a family treasure. He uses a stethoscope to listen at the doors.

Thursday February 16, 2017, between 10 p.m. and 11 p.m .: Convinced that the Troadec family was preparing to go on a trip thanks to the treasure, Hubert Caouissin returned to Orvault to listen to the conversations. He first posts in the garden, then takes advantage of a door left open for the cat to hide in the garage.

Night from February 16 to February 17, 2017: Hubert Caouissin cuts the power and enters the silent house with the intention, he told investigators, of “drawing a key”. But Pascal and Brigitte Troadec, no doubt alerted by the power cut, go down the stairs with a flashlight and come face to face with the brother-in-law covered with a cap. Did they recognize him? A violent fight ensues. Hubert Caouissin, who would have succeeded in seizing a crowbar, ended up killing the four occupants, in several rooms.

Anonymous and neighbors came to lay some flowers in front of the Troadec house in Orvault. – F. Brenon / 20Minutes

Friday February 17, 2017, around 5:45 am: Covered in blood, Hubert Caouissin puts on clothes belonging to Pascal Troadec, leaves the bodies there, and travels 250 km to return home, to Pont de-Buis-lès-Quimerch (Finistère). On his arrival, he confesses to Lydie, his companion, having “done something stupid”.

Night of February 17 to 18, 2017: Hubert Caouissin returns to Orvault, this time accompanied by Lydie Troadec, in order to erase the traces. He cleans up the crime scenes and loads the bodies with difficulty into large garbage bags. Lydie Troadec waits in the Audi car.

Saturday February 18, 5 a.m .: Hubert Caouissin deposits the bodies in the Peugeot 308 of Sébastien Troadec, the son, and leaves with them towards Finistère. Lydie Troadec follows him behind the wheel of the Audi.

Lydie Troadec's house in Pont-de-Buis, in Finistère.
Lydie Troadec’s house in Pont-de-Buis, in Finistère. – F. Tanneau / 20Minutes

From February 18 to 20: Sheltered from prying eyes, in the isolated farm of Pont de-Buis-lès-Quimerch, Hubert Caouissin dismembers and destroys the bodies. Lydie Troadec is not far away, in the house, as is their young son.

Monday February 20: Lydie Troadec drives Hubert Caouissin to Orvault then leaves for Brittany. Hubert Caouissin continues to clean the house. Exhausted, he sleeps there.

Tuesday February 21: In the evening, Lydie Troadec returns to pick up her partner in Orvault. The couple take garbage bags filled with objects and sheets stained with blood to Finistère.

Wednesday February 22: The couple cleans Sébastien Troadec’s Peugeot 308 then heads off to Saint-Nazaire to abandon the vehicle near the port in order to cover their tracks.

Sébastien Troadec's car was found in Saint-Nazaire on March 2, 2017.
Sébastien Troadec’s car was found in Saint-Nazaire on March 2, 2017. – JS Evrard / AFP

Thursday February 23: Worried, Brigitte Troadec’s sister warns the gendarmerie that she can no longer reach Brigitte and her family.

Friday February 24: After getting rid of the skulls of the victims, Hubert Caouissin disperses the Troadec’s personal effects in the countryside. He also claims to have thrown into the water, from the Iroise bridge, the murder weapon and a wallet. The same day, the Nantes judicial police opened an investigation. She discovers traces of blood at Orvault’s home.

Wednesday March 1: A jogger discovers in Dirinon (Finistère), near Brest, objects belonging to Charlotte and Pascal Troadec, including a Vitale card.

Thursday March 2: Sébastien Troadec’s car was found in Saint-Nazaire. The tests reveal the presence of blood inside.

Sunday March 5: Already heard on February 24, Lydie Troadec and Hubert Caouissin are again placed in police custody. The latter’s DNA was found in the house of Orvault. Under pressure, Hubert Caouissin confesses and is indicted the next day.

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