The SZ Advent calendar also helps in the district of Ebersberg – Ebersberg

The donors for the SZ Advent calendar have once again outdone themselves last year. After around eight million euros in the first Corona year 2020 and 7.7 million last year, it was 10.8 million euros that came together in 2021/2022. They went to social projects, to aid organizations, the social work of the districts and municipalities, to the Ukraine aid, to the promotion of social participation especially for children and last but not least to the individual support of families and individuals.

For those who benefit from a donation, this is often the last resort in material terms

It is fantastic that despite all the financial, economic and psychological burdens such as the Ukraine war, inflation, rising energy costs and the climate crisis, there are still so many people who want to help to such an extent. And for those who were able to benefit from it, it was often not only the last resort in material terms, but also of inestimable psychological importance.

Among the fates that the SZ Ebersberg presented in the run-up to Christmas last year is, for example, Amira K. (all names have been changed by the editors), who lived with four children in a small three-room apartment in the district and did not even get that from the money she received from Hartz IV was able to raise money for a children’s room shelf. Not to mention a tumble dryer or a replacement for the broken couch. Both fathers left her alone with her worries and her financial difficulties.

Susi K. is also left alone, she has three children and an ex-husband who gave notice of the apartment in which she lived with the children under her butt. She suffers from fibromyalgia, which means she has chronic pain that hinders her everyday life. She hasn’t been able to get a job so far because of her illness and also because she can’t afford a driver’s license but lives in a community with poor public transport connections. She still gets some of her groceries from the Tafel. However, the advent calendar made it possible to equip the children’s room better and to fulfill a cherished wish for their children: a Wickie bunk bed.

Vara L., 33, fled the civil war in Syria with her husband and children. They tried to come from their home country several times, with three small children at the time. The English teacher, who studied English, was unable to work during the long flight. Learning German was the top priority here, and the family made a living from the husband’s part-time job. Some of the girls had had multiple eye surgeries. Thanks to the donation from the advent calendar, the daughters could now get special glasses and the eldest daughter a laptop for school.

Irena P. was able to buy new glasses from the advent calendar donation

The advent calendar was also able to help Irena P. The single mother of a teenage daughter has lived alone since 2016, her ex-husband left Germany, and the marriage did not go well either. Because Irena P. had to look after her daughter, she could not go to work. Depression, high blood pressure and a serious abdominal operation increased the misery. She and her daughter have ten euros a day together, it wouldn’t work without the help of the Tafel, she couldn’t afford the new glasses that were due for a long time. Unfortunately, her health has since deteriorated even further. But at least she was able to use the donation money to buy glasses and a refrigerator with a freezer compartment to freeze the food she cooks for her daughter.

This year, during the four weeks of Advent, we will once again introduce people who – mostly for a combination of different reasons – have had a harder time in life than the big average. Most of them are placed with us by social institutions and authorities, such as the social welfare office, job center, the social psychiatric services in Ebersberg, Caritas with its auxiliary services, the Awo’s work for the disabled, social services in Vaterstetten. The donations are passed on to the needy and projects without deduction from the SZ Advent calendar.

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