“The student cafeteria”, on Clubhouse, to the rescue of students

Welcome to the podcast Wait a minute !, to find in the section podcast of 20 minutes and on all online listening platforms. In this new episode, we talk about an initiative aimed at students who feel isolated, a feeling that has sometimes worsened with the health crisis linked to the coronavirus epidemic. Every Wednesday at 9 p.m., a discussion area on the Clubhouse audio social network is dedicated to them. This “room” is called “The student cafeteria: empty your bag or grab some seed”.

For approximately 1h30, students can discuss and ask questions to professionals (shrinks, entrepreneurs, artists, recruiters, etc.). The goal is to gather advice on getting an internship, to discuss your orientation or to fight against loneliness and discomfort.

Youth surveys

Co-hosting this space, Pierre Laromiguière, consultant in media strategy, speaker at the Higher School of Advertising in Paris, journalist Laura Nardelli, CEO of Reachmaker and founder of Jobschool, Caroline Mignaux, clinical psychologist Camille Valette by Poplavsly or the singer Tiphanie Doucet

20 minutes is a partner of this “room” and provides the results of its surveys offered to its community aged 18-35 #MoiJeune. Katja Tochtermann, Marketing Manager at 20 minutes, and Pierre Laromiguière tell you more about this partnership and “The student cafeteria”. It is to be listened to above.

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