The State releases an envelope of 10 million euros for food aid

Faced with inflation which increases student precariousness, the government will release an exceptional envelope of 10 million euros. The goal ? Support food aid for students by financing at least 300,000 food parcels allowing a student to eat for a week.

In a statement published on Tuesday, the government indicates that it will mobilize these funds in addition to the one-euro meals set up since the health crisis. “It is essential to respond to the situation of distress encountered by too many students”, underlines the Minister of Solidarity Jean-Christophe Combe in the press release.

Stock exchange reform under discussion

This envelope will support the associations which act in favor of the most precarious students, to complete the accessible offer and to structure the distribution networks, specifies the press release.

To deal with the difficulties of students, the government announced this summer a series of measures, including maintaining the one-euro meal for scholarship students and students in precarious situations. It also decided to revalue scholarships on social criteria by 4% at the start of the school year and the payment of exceptional aid of 100 euros to precarious students.

A reform of scholarships is also being discussed as part of the consultation on student life, launched in October.

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