The State prosecuted for “inaction” in favor of renewable energies

Inaction, reaction. A design office specializing in wind and photovoltaic projects has lodged an appeal against the State with the Council of State. Reason: its “refusal” to concretely accelerate the development of renewable energies, we learned Monday from concordant sources.

In October, the engineering company Eolise, based in Poitiers, had sent the government a request listing the regulatory measures deemed necessary, in particular to speed up the procedures for authorizing projects, which are currently slow and complex.

Ten proposals for developing renewable energies

The appeal was filed in February. According to the lawyer for the design office, David Deharbe, he is asking the Council of State to “cancel the implicit refusal opposed to the request” and to enjoin the State to take “all useful measures” to develop renewable energies.

“The Prime Minister and the Minister for Energy Transition acknowledged receipt (of the request sent in October), but did not respond. We ask the Council of State to examine this refusal to take regulatory measures,” he said.

Eolise proposes 10 measures, among which the mandatory communication of the mapping of areas favorable to wind power, public awareness or the limitation of the scope of certain summary-suspensions which locally slow down certain projects.

Eolise believes that the law known as the acceleration of renewable energies, recently voted, “will not allow the development of these energies in France and the achievement of the planned objectives”. According to the company, “the law ignores concrete and essential measures”.

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