The space agency adopts a sharply increased budget, to nearly 17 billion euros

After two days of negotiations in Paris, the 22 member states of the European Space Agency have finally come to an agreement. They increased the budget for the next three years to 16.9 billion euros, up 17% compared to the last three years but below the 18.5 billion requested by its director general. It is a “great success”, welcomed the French Minister of Economy Bruno Le Maire, believing that the budget went “beyond expectations”.

Paris abounded to the tune of 3.25 billion euros, the contributions of the other countries not being known immediately. “Given the level of inflation, I am very impressed by this result”, for his part affirmed the boss of the ESA Josef Aschbacher, judging that the voted budget was “necessary not to miss the train” in the face of fierce American and Chinese competition in particular.

This contribution is intended to finance space exploration programs (2.7 billion euros), Earth observation, in particular to measure and monitor climate change (2.7 billion) or even space launchers, in particular upgrades to the Ariane 6 and Vega-C rockets (2.8 billion euros).

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