“The situation is no longer tenable”… Egg producers suspend their deliveries for Candlemas

The date was not chosen at random. As we celebrate Candlemas this Thursday, egg producers, the basic product for making pancakes, are taking action. At the call of the Regional Federation of Farmers’ Unions (FRSEA) and the Young Farmers of Brittany, breeders in the region, which supplies around 40% of French egg production, will suspend all deliveries for forty- eight hours.

Strangled by rising costs, and in particular by soaring energy prices, they intend to sound the alarm on their economic situation which “is no longer tenable”, according to the two trade unions. “The current situation endangers French chicken breeders, with bankruptcies and cessations of activity which will accelerate”, they underline in a press release.

Get the sector and consumers to react

To raise the bar, producers have been calling since the end of 2022 for a 10% increase in the base price of eggs. “Breeders must be paid their fair value,” claim the two unions, calling for an “immediate” price increase. »

Through this action, egg producers hope to get industry players and consumers to react. “The stoppage of deliveries will give a taste of the consequences that cessation of activity would have if the necessary revaluations are not made”, alert the unions, not daring to imagine “pancakes at Candlemas without French eggs. »

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