The Senate reduces inheritance tax for winegrowers and farmers

The Senate to the aid of winegrowers and farmers. This Saturday, he prevented their family farms from falling into the hands of “foreign investors”, by adopting amendments to the draft budget reducing the taxation of endowments and inheritances.

“We are witnessing a strong concentration in the sector, a gradual disappearance of family farms, and a multiplication of acquisitions of agricultural and wine-growing farms by foreign and/or institutional investors”, pleaded Senator LR Daniel Laurent in an amendment.

“This system aims to protect family farms and vineyards, by reducing the taxation of donations and inheritances when one or more heirs wish to take over the farm, and the other heirs undertake to keep the property transferred and leave it available to buyers for twenty-five years,” said the senator.

Amendments voted despite Attal’s “unfavorable opinion”

Socialists, Independents and RDSE with a radical majority have also tabled amendments to allow farmers and winegrowers, whose land has increased sharply, particularly in the field of wine, to pass them on to the next generation.

The amendments were passed despite the “unfavorable opinion” of the Minister of Public Accounts Gabriel Attal. The Minister of Agriculture “Marc Fesneau has already announced a bill which will be presented at the beginning of 2023 with a dimension on agricultural land”, he explained. “The debates we have shown how much this legislative vector is needed to allow for real debates. You have to take the subjects in the right order,” he added.

These amendments were adopted during the first reading examination by the senators of the finance bill for 2023. The government will be able to make them disappear by using article 49.3 of the Constitution in the National Assembly.

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