The sanctions are “proportionate”, according to the Minister of Sports

The Sports Minister reacts to the sanctions for the Nice-OM match. Roxana Maracineanu said on Thursday that the sanctions taken by the disciplinary committee of the Professional Football League (LFP) after the incidents during the Nice-OM match on August 22 were “proportionate”. She also called for a reflection on an “extended” sanctions panel.

“I am happy that there were sanctions proportionate to what happened. The first victims were the players and that is unacceptable, ”she declared in Marseille, during a visit to the Pôle France de voile du Roucas-Blanc where the Olympic sailing events will be held in 2024.

An enriched sanctions panel?

“The sanction that was pronounced, I do not have to comment on it, it was taken by an independent institution. I am nevertheless happy that she took into account the chronology of the facts and I repeat what I said at the time of the facts: this violence is unacceptable in a stadium, which is more on the actors of the game. the terminals, ”added the Minister.

“Of course, a sanction is never good. What is needed is to work hand in hand to prevent this violence and put in place all the necessary security, around the players first, and for the public who come to see the show ”, also estimated Roxana Maracineanu .

“From my point of view, the sanctions panel could be enriched by notions of general interest, (it would be necessary) to see how the clubs could show the example and, once these unfortunate situations occur, that these clubs be exemplary in terms of security and in the relationship with supporters’ groups, ”she concluded.

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