The sale of alcohol will finally be banned around the World Cup stadiums in Qatar

For twelve years and its controversial awarding of the 2022 World Cup to Qatar, this has been one of the thorny issues on which FIFA is struggling. How to make possible in Doha the sale of alcohol around the stadiums (even also inside), during the month of competition? This, especially in order to be able to honor the juicy 75 million dollar contract which binds FIFA to Budweiser, the American beer giant. On September 3, Reuters explained that if the sale of alcohol was going to be prohibited (outside the VIP zone) inside the eight stadiums of the competition, it would be authorized near all these enclosures three hours before the matches of the World Cup, and this until one hour after the end of the meetings.

But a dramatic change this Friday, only two days before the inaugural Qatar-Ecuador match: FIFA announces that there will be no sale of alcohol possible around the eight stadiums, via the dedicated Budweiser stands. The partnership with Budweiser should therefore be shattered in this context. The US brand also split this Friday with a tweet “Well, it’s embarrassing…”, before deleting it.

Non-alcoholic beer for supporters?

Clearly, football supporters will only be able to buy beers during this World Cup in fan-zones and in hotels, at authorized times. And a priori for the modest sum of 15 dollars a pint.

The blow is going to be tough, especially for Three Lions fans, who will have to settle for non-alcoholic Budweiser on Monday in their first match against Iran. Put under pressure by Qatari leaders on the subject, FIFA has just resolved this Friday to an observation: it cannot impose as it sees fit on a host country all of the extras for the competition it organizes. .

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