the Russian group Gazprom has officially suspended its gas deliveries to Poland and Bulgaria

The taps are closed. The Russian group Gazprom announced on Wednesday morning April 27 that it had suspended all gas deliveries to Bulgaria and Poland. In a statement, the tanker said it had notified the Bulgarian company Bulgargaz and the Polish company PGNiG of the “suspension of gas deliveries from April 27 and until payment is made” in rubles.

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PGNiG confirmed on its side “the complete cessation of the supply of natural gas provided by Gazprom under the Yamal contract”. “The situation does not affect the current supplies of PGNiG customers who receive the fuel in accordance with their request”, the company said in a statement. According to PGNiG, stopping the supply “is a violation of the Yamal contract” and the company reserves “the right to seek reparations”.

Polish Climate Minister Anna Moskwa has assured that there will be no gas shortage in Poland, saying Warsaw is ready to “complete independence from Russian raw materials”.

The Bulgarian government has asserted that Sofia had “fully acquitted” of its obligations and had “made all payments required under the contract in a timely manner”ensuring that “actions to find alternative arrangements for the supply of natural gas and deal with the situation” have been undertaken.

For its part, the EU had “prepared” to an interruption of Russian gas and is considering “a coordinated response”according to the President of the European Commission. “Gazprom’s announcement is another attempt by Russia to gas blackmail us. We are prepared for this scenario”reacted on Twitter Ursula von der Leyen.

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