The “Rocher Mistral” park claims 14 million from the village of La Barben

The “Rocher Mistral”, sometimes nicknamed “Puy du fou provençal”, obviously has a complicated relationship with the village of La Barben (Bouches-du-Rhône), located 20 minutes from Aix-en-Provence. Installed in the medieval castle which overlooks the village of 900 inhabitants, the leisure park on the history and culture of Provence has indicated its desire to claim before the administrative court of Marseille 14 million euros in damages to the municipality.

The “Rocher Mistral” is contesting the taking of three municipal decrees, signed this time by the deputy mayor, which would postpone obtaining planning permits for two years, he believes. His lawyers have calculated the damage at 7 million euros per year. The park, inaugurated in July 2021 and for which more than 20 million euros – including 6 million in public subsidies – have been invested, indeed wishes to create “a Provençal village”, a car park and two stands. Projects considered vital for the economic sustainability of the site by its management.

A new legal round is therefore announced between the park and the municipality. In October 2021, the municipality had already issued an order partially closing the site. The “Rocher Mistral” had also been assigned by France Nature Environnement for two developments carried out without a permit and neighbors denouncing the noise pollution of the night shows. Both of these requests were dismissed by the court.

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