“The RN is the future”… In Marles-les-Mines, in Pas-de-Calais, three out of four voters voted Marine Le Pen

It is however not a stronghold strictly speaking. Headed by a diverse left-wing mayor, the town of Marles-les-Mines, in the former Pas-de-Calais mining area, had nevertheless, during the first round of the presidential election, placed Marine Le Pen in the lead with more than 56% of the votes. The best score that the candidate of the national rally (RN) had achieved in this territory.

In the second round, the former mining town once again largely voted for the far right. In the Pignon room, which centralized the results, the suspense did not have time to invite itself to the counting. After half an hour of counting, Marine Le Pen’s lead was already substantial. In the end, the RN candidate pocketed 76.7% of the votes (1,999 votes against 606). But it was already known for a long time that Emmanuel Macron was re-elected President of the Republic. And the results of the local football club fueled more conversations.

“A protest vote”

“We are clearly on a national protest vote, analyzes Eric Edouard, mayor (DVG) who won by a short head (44 votes), in the municipal elections of 2020. It is not local insecurity that motivates the people. For us, the debate is not whether we arm the municipal police but whether we can hire a second rural guard. The little thugs, we know them. »

Not necessarily Barbara’s point of view. “When we call the police station for problems, no one comes.” For this blonde forties, red jacket, the disappointment is great. “People are afraid of RN. It’s a shame because Marine Le Pen is not racist like her father. We have to stop with that, ”she says.

“Delighted with the local establishment of the RN”

For Siméon, of Bulgarian origin, “the RN is the future”. This 30-year-old, plaid jacket, remains convinced that “it will be for next time”. “It is not a vote of protest, but of membership”, outbids Jérôme Leroy, candidate RN beaten during the last municipal elections. The young man said he was disappointed with the defeat of his favorite, but “delighted with the local establishment of the RN”.

“In an office, Marine has reached 80%,” he says. The left has disappeared. We are well anchored. The inhabitants realize that the RN knows how to manage the cities it runs perfectly well, such as in Hénin-Beaumont and, more recently, in Bruay-La Buissière. »

One in two people is of Polish origin

Located at the foot of the slag heaps, the town and its 5,500 inhabitants still bear the scars of coal mining and emigration. Here, one out of two people is of Polish origin. “We still play the Polish anthem during ceremonies and the Polish flag still flies in front of the town hall,” says Eric Edouard.

But the city, which for a long time remained in the hands of the Communists, actually seems to have shifted towards other ideals. “We are one of the poorest municipalities in the territory with 72% social housing, explains Eric Edouard. Which means a concentration of people in difficulty. Young people can’t find jobs, people are in despair. And we, local elected officials, have done what we can. »

In the cozy atmosphere of the polling station, no explosion of joy at the announcement of Emmanuel Macron’s victory. As if fate had definitely struck the scene. The day before, a concert was organized in another hall in the city. The singer Cali came to support, in front of 400 people, the 800 or so workers made redundant at the Bridgestone factory in Béthune. There was more atmosphere.

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