The risky bet of Mea who wants to seduce the jurors… by dancing

After Elise’s performance, which had left the coaches speechless and literally bewitched Internet users, will the four chairs turn around again? On Saturday, Mea, another Lyonnaise comes to the blind auditions of “The Voice”. With this time, a risky bet. The 24-year-old is planning to perform I am a man by Zazie… While dancing. A performance “never seen on the show”, ensures the production. Damn daring since the jurors will not be able to discover it until they have pressed the buzzer. But the young woman assumes her artistic choices.

“Already singing a title of Zazie in front of her, it’s risky, she admits. But dancing, yes the bet is huge, especially since I automatically lose thirty seconds of singing at the start of the performance which is quite short. “Never mind. We had to give it a shot. “I found the idea strange but interesting. I want to know if we can perceive a movement by simply listening to the music and if this movement can provide an emotion when we do not see it”, argues Mea. And to add: “I wanted to combine my two passions: singing and dancing, two identities that are part of me. I could never choose between the two”.

“I learned in front of musicals on TV”

Dancer-interpreter, the young woman began her scales very early. “Around 6 years old”, she specifies: “I learned in front of musicals on TV”. Cats And grease have become references for her. Modern jazz, classical dance, the little girl tries everything before branching off into artistic gymnastics for seven years. Then returns to his first love, while devoting himself to music in parallel. Today, she dances in several renowned companies in Lyon, such as Ruée des Arts, Dyptik or Stylistik, mastering contemporary as well as break dance and hip-hop.

His parents had encouraged him to apply for “The Voice”, “the holy grail of the singing competition”. She did not “feel ready to be exposed in front of so many spectators”. “I knew that I still needed to work, to gain confidence in myself. Finally, a few years later, the show came to me,” she laughs. The casters spotted him on social networks thanks to his dance cover of hell by Stromae, posted in April 2022. A video shot at night on the footbridge of the park from the heights leading to the basilica of Fourvière. “This time, I seized the opportunity,” she says.

Overwhelmed by stress

Yet accustomed to the stage, the artist confides that she was won over by stage fright when treading the set of “The Voice”. “When the curtain went up and I walked over to the mic, I remembered all the times I practiced in my bedroom. I said to myself “We are there. It is now”. But it was difficult to control this stress. My throat was tight, I felt like I was starving for air, I had trouble swallowing. My voice was also dry. Then I tried to concentrate. I locked myself in my bubble, ”she says. To the point of ignoring the competition to plunge headlong into his interpretation.

As for knowing if the jurors will have had the curiosity to turn around, it will be necessary to wait until Saturday evening to find out. If so, the young woman replies that she would join the team of Zazie without any hesitation, a “source of inspiration”. And that she “will continue to defend her project” during the following stages. No question of fitting into the mold and sacrificing dance. “That card, I don’t want to neglect it. For me, singing feeds on dancing and vice versa. Impossible to separate them, ”she concludes with a smile.

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