The resentment of the unvaccinated grows – wrongly – culture


Andrian Kreye

Almost everyone can agree on one thing. Corona is a catastrophe for many and an impertinence for everyone. So this would be the moment when people with the virus would fight a common enemy. But there the opinions are divided into the groups of sensitivity. For a few weeks now, the fault lines have been running along the 3-G and 2-G rules. Anecdotal random sample in a queue in front of a veterinary practice that introduced the 3-G rule for humans early on. If you can’t show anything, you stay outside during the treatment, no matter how pitifully the squirrels and pussies yap and moan. There are an astonishing number of them this morning. The resentment wells up and also discharges into questions of justice. Not even to the cinema, not even to eat, not even to exercise – the list of deprivations of the unvaccinated is long. It is compulsory to vaccinate, freedom and fundamental rights are in danger.


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