“The Prosecutor”: Eight new episodes and two new investigators

“The prosecutor”
Eight new episodes and two new investigators

“The Public Prosecutor”: Chief Public Prosecutor Bernd Reuther (Rainer Hunold, r.) with the new investigator duo Alexander Witte (Jannik Mioducki) and Julia Schröder (Anika Baumann).

© ZDF / Daniel Dornhöfer

The ZDF crime series “The Public Prosecutor” is back with eight new episodes and two new investigators.

The new season of the popular ZDF crime series “The Public Prosecutor” (since 2005) starts on January 13 at 8:35 p.m. with the episode “Loss of Control”. In terms of personnel, everything is still the same, actor Rainer Hunold (73) reports back as chief public prosecutor Bernd Reuther.

Two farewells and the first new one from episode two

But the first new colleague joins in the second of the eight new episodes. Reuther and chief inspector Kerstin Klar (Fiona Coors, 50) receive support from chief inspector Julia Schröder (Anika Baumann, born 1979) in the case of “Im Totenforst” (January 20).

In the end, however, Commissioner Klar will say goodbye to break new ground, according to the broadcaster. Fiona Coors was the main inspector Kerstin Klar from the start of the series. She leaves at her own request. “18 years is a long time,” says the Bavarian by choice. “My recent milestone birthday made me realize that it was time for something new.” And actor Max Hemmersdorfer (37), previously in action as Chief Inspector Max Fischer, wants to “face new challenges” after 23 crime episodes in Wiesbaden. He’s back in the first episode of the new season.

Back to Anika Baumann, so in the future she will be seen as “experienced, quick-witted chief inspector Julia Schröder”. She says about her new role in the series: “I’m very happy, especially since I’ve already got to know the team through an episode role and I’m very familiar with the region.” Born in Frankfurt, she lives in Mainz and is engaged at the State Theater there. In the February 2017 episode “Headwind” she played a witness.

New commissioner in the third case

In the episode “Light and Shadow” (January 27), the second new colleague steps in: Chief Inspector Alexander Witte. The “conscientious, thoughtful” criminal is embodied by the Bielefeld actor Jannik Mioducki (b. 1993).

“This new investigator attaches great importance to justice and equal opportunities,” says the graduate of the Otto Falckenberg School, who lives in Berlin. Mioducki further explains: “I find it appealing to embody a commissioner who stands for a liberal and colorful society.”


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