The prefecture recalls that the health pass is indeed mandatory on the island

The introduction of the health pass on Reunion Island does not seem to be a measure known to everyone, even members of the government. So this Thursday, the prefecture of Reunion decided to put things straight. For several weeks, Reunionese have indeed had to present their health pass to go to restaurants, sports halls or even cultural places, reports The 1st.

However, Tuesday, the Minister of Health Olivier Véran, assured that the health pass was not in force in Overseas. “When we leave the state of health emergency, at the time of deconfinement, we will adapt on a case-by-case basis, territory by territory, the implementation of the health pass which will apply, but under conditions different from the metropolis », He declared during the question-and-answer session at the National Assembly.

Established since August 10

He then replied to the Guadeloupe MP, Justine Bénin, on the terms of “deployment of the health pass in overseas territories”. Then, this Thursday, the LFI deputy for Reunion, Jean-Hugues Ratenon, reacted to the last words of Olivier Véran.

“In order not to suffer the double penalty, I ask the prefect to inform the population that the health pass does not apply in our territory. As a deputy, I inform the population that the health pass is not valid in Reunion, that I am continuing the fight against its non-application, and at the same time against the state of health emergency ”, did he declare. According to him, the pass was therefore not mandatory on the island.

After this controversy, the prefecture therefore wanted to clarify things and inform the population. “In Reunion, the health pass has been in force in law and in practice since August 10,” she said. It was even made compulsory on July 21 to enter the cultural places of the island. It was then extended to bars, restaurants, hotels, sports halls, cinemas and healthcare establishments.

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