the Poles warn the French team!

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We know the rival of France for the round of 16 of this World Cup 2022. It could have been Mexico, but it will finally be Poland, after a completely crazy Wednesday evening in this group Cwhere Robert Lewandowski’s gang snatched qualification in near-miraculous fashion despite losing to Argentina. A rival who still looks tough for the Blues, even if his results have been quite average, and everything indicates that the rough and defensive play of the team from the Eastern European country is likely to be a little headache for Didier Deschamps.

After their evening meeting, the Poles analyzed this future confrontation. “It’s a very special match because we waited until the last second for the result of the other match. This happened. Now we are waiting for France. You have to recover well. France is the same level as Argentina or two or three other teams. We will play our luck. We are very happy with what we have done. We’ll see on Sunday now.”first launched defender Kamil Glik, a former AS Monaco player, who had recently declared that Mbappé was perhaps the best teammate he had in his career.

France, on the same level as Argentina

“We consider this game as a good preparation for the next one. France is a rival at the same level as Argentina. I think if we analyze today’s performance well, in the next game we can be a much better team. We must be happy to now be able to play against France and approach this meeting with pride, confidence and a smile on our faces. As long as the ball is in play, anything is possible.”for his part launched Robert Lewandowski, aware that it will be necessary to display a much better face to hope to overcome the troops of Didier Deschamps.

For the Polish players, the Blues therefore have a level similar to that of Argentina and they want to use their evening match to prepare for this eighth as well as possible. A duel for which Poland will be deprived of Bartosz Bereszyński, the right side of Sampdoria. See you Sunday at 4 p.m., but it’s already promising!

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