The penalty reduced to 500 euros for companies, announces Elisabeth Borne

The administrative penalty for companies not respecting the instructions on teleworking has been lowered to 500 euros per employee, against the 1,000 euros initially planned, announced the Minister of Labor, Élisabeth Borne, this Friday on France 2.

The government has decided to lower the maximum amount per employee to 500 euros, against 1,000 euros so far, maintaining a ceiling of 50,000 euros per company, to “reassure small businesses about the level of the sanction”, explained the minister. .

Stagnant telework figures

“Sanctions are needed for companies that do not play the game”, otherwise “inequity” is established, declared Elisabeth Borne. “We are going to reinstate an administrative sanction,” said the minister, after the Senate removed this provision from the bill on the vaccination pass.

“What we see today is that the figures are stagnating: 60% of French people who can easily telecommute do so, no more than in December,” noted the minister. The senators opposed administrative sanctions against companies that do not play the telework game or do not apply the protocols. The Senate Social Affairs Committee considered that “these provisions were part of a coercive logic that was neither useful nor desirable”.

Increase in work stoppages in January

New twist in the already chaotic journey of the bill establishing the vaccine pass: against the backdrop of the presidential campaign, a tweet from the boss of LR senators, Bruno Retailleau, derailed Thursday evening the close agreement between deputies and senators on this text which unleashes passions. After a new reading in the upper house, probably on Saturday, it is the Assembly which will have the last word, during the weekend or at the beginning of the week.

Faced with the record contaminations of Covid-19 (some 300,000 on Thursday), the company health protocol has provided since January 3, for three weeks, that employers set “a minimum number of three days of telework per week, for positions that require it. allow”. Previously, it provided a simple “target” of two to three days a week. Elisabeth Borne underlined Friday “an increase in work stoppages which continues at the beginning of January”, but which, according to her, has no “impact on economic activity”.

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