The Paris Beer Festival, to become an expert on beer

Beer lovers, this event is for you. This week is the Paris Beer Festival, which defends craft breweries. Microbreweries, more heavily affected by the economic crisis than large groups, will have pride of place in the stands of the festival, which is organizing its closing weekend at Ground Control, in Paris.

We will be able to listen to beerologist Guirec Aubert on Saturday at 2 p.m. tell “How craft beer has changed our lives”, learn all about craft beer at 3 p.m., learn about the history of the craft beer movement in France at 4 p.m. , or on “sexism in the brewing world” at 6 pm, in particular. And the next day it will be an opportunity to think about zero waste and to discover the existence of bulk beer and the secrets of non-alcoholic beer.

Program for Friday September 3 on Closing weekend at Ground Control, 81, rue du Charolais, 75012 Paris. From 12 noon to midnight on Saturday 4. From 12 noon to 9:30 pm on Sunday 5. Admission: 5 euros online, 7 euros on site (admission, tasting glass and program).

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