The Oscars will be hosted again in 2022 – Culture

In Hollywood, a lot of people have been waiting for the next public statement from the Oscar Academy in the past few days. Longingly. This year’s awards ceremony is scheduled to take place on March 27th, and there are a number of other awards ceremonies that have to be held beforehand – or just via the zoom channel. The unions, for example, generally honor actors or directors before the Academy, and they would have been delighted if the Oscars had been postponed to April. Many events that normally take place in January have to be made up for because of the Omikron wave – and that means that on the few weekends that are left, from the Indie Spirit Awards to the Show of the Producers’ Guild, now an event- There is a traffic jam. The Academy was now being heard, but on a different matter. It has been announced that the ceremony will have a host again for the first time since 2018.

The show suffered a severe loss of viewers; in 2021, only a little more than half as many American television viewers tuned in as in the previous year, under ten million. Maybe because of the movies, probably because of the pandemic, maybe diversification exercises have made the show a little more unglamorous. The absence of a host certainly did not increase the attractiveness either. The Academy had barely made its search for a host public when there was a volunteer: Tom Holland, the reigning Spiderman, with “No Way Home” just the king at the box office. the Hollywood Reporter had asked him if he could imagine that, Holland waved it off at first due to lack of time, but then asked: “Who would not want to moderate the Oscars?”

Does he really want to get into it? The British Tom Holland, star in “Spider-Man: No way home”, brought himself into play as a presenter for the Oscars.


Well, for example Kevin Hart, who was the last to accept this gig in 2019, then got a few on his hat because he was suspected of being homophobia because of old tweets, resigned, was hired again by the Academy and ultimately refused. The reason why not many stars want this prominent job: The past of every Oscar host is examined in the social networks, and afterwards the moderation is scraped off on Twitter. The Academy is now negotiating that Hollywood Reporter according to Holland, but the network has something else in mind: one of the Muppets should do it.

Kermit has a lot of moderation experience – as host of the “Muppet Show”

The hottest candidate is Kermit. Great idea. Kermit has a lot of moderation experience as host of the “Muppet Show”, he keeps a line to the young audience via Sesame Street, he was nominated himself with the song “Rainbow Connection” from the “Muppet Movie” from 1979. Be on social networks they find nothing to reveal about him. The only mess in his biography, the sloppy relationship with Miss Piggy, is well known. And bad reviews will not go under him. If the worm is in there, why not a frog right away? Ultimately, the Academy would only prove that it does not exclude anyone, especially not because of the color of their skin. Applause, applause, applause.

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